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Hey, I'm Michael Gaio

I'm an evolutionary entrepreneur, transformative technologist, and future design strategist.

I believe a better world is possible. Everything I do is to realize personal transformation and catalyze collective evolution. As a guide and inventor, I’m here to inform, involve, and inspire people in the transition to a new humankind, and emergence of a planetary renaissance in culture, communications, and consciousness.

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More About Michael
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Philosophy • Science • Art

My life’s work is a transdisciplinary, integrative process that begins in the deepest questions of philosophy and psychology, flows through the precision of science and technology, and blossoms in the expression of design and art.

Philosophy, Science, Art

Transmedia Tetrad

My art expresses in these forms:

Drawings, Graphics, Paintings

Poetry, Articles, Books


Audio, Video, Animation

Software, Networks, Games


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I’ve performed public presentations, spoken in groups panels, conducted classroom instructions, and made multimedia installations at events, conferences, and institutions on various topics ranging from Transformative Technology, Consciousness, Cryptocurrencies, and Collective Intelligence.