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As an artist, I explore the meaning of meaningful itself.  Pioneering fringe edges in design and technology, I make archetypal artifacts, instruments of orientation, maps of meaning, semiotic systems, perspectival paradigms, and numinous networks …. reaching across new horizons toward realizing something like a new language for a new human era.

As a creative technologist, I’m enthusiastic about the potential of NFTs for new types of expressions. I’m crafting a few innovative NFT projects for release in the future.

Seven Suns, an NFT artwork, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Seven Suns

“Seven Suns” is a 3D Chestahedron decorated with 7 Solar Glyph symbols representative of the solar / sun / star archetype.

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PolyArchemes Collection, 2021

Eight Moons

“Eight Moons” is an animated image representative of the 8 commonly recognized lunar phases of the 28 day lunar cycle.  This NFT is one of several in the PolyArchemes series: an exploration in representation of meaningful archetypal symbols with the dimensionality of space and time. 

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