Passion & Process

My life’s work is a trans-disciplinary, integrative process of on-going exploration, contemplation, invention, and creative articulation. This magnum opus begins in the deepest questions of philosophy & psychology, flows through the precision of science & technology, and blossoms in the expression of art & design. Pioneering far edges of complex territories, I make maps of meaning, instruments of orientation, ways of navigation, systems of synthesis, visions of perspective, and acts of inspiration to help guide myself and others in our transition along an evolutionary pathway to a new humankind.

Philosophy & Psychology

I see philosophy & psychology as a consideration and means toward truth. I’m interested in knowing the nature of meaning, the fundamental nature of reality, and of our deepest origins and greatest potentials in being.

In philosophy, my attention moves in metamodernism, transcendentalism, metaphysics, noetics, and participatory epistemology.

In psychology, I focus on areas and practices from transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology, archetypal psychology, psychedelics, and consciousness studies.

I’m establishing an integrated philosophy and embodied psychology of Evolutionary Experience Design.

Science & Technology

I see science & technology as disciplines of truth in making the unseen seen.  Science is a method toward truth, and technology is the application of science, the technique, toward knowledge and truth.

In science, my research spans physical and metaphysical cosmology, archetypal cosmology, unified field theory, information theory, semiotics, systems theory, complexity science, neuroscience, mycology, design science, and geometry.

In technology, I’ve developed seasoned skills in Information Architecture (IA), Information Design (ID), User Interface Design (UI), Interaction Design (IxD), and Experience Design (UX).  I’ve been involved with blockchain (DLT), cryptocurrencies, and virtual economics since 2010.

Combined, I’m developing an Evolutionary Psycho-Integrative Cosmology (EPIC) model.

Art & Design

I see art & design as a means of expressing, communicating, and transmitting truth.

In art & design, I’m exploring relationships of the human with the numinous, the individual with the collective, and the finite with the infinite.

I’m inspired to move through and beyond artistic trends in transcendental realism as an approach to transform perception into knowing–from conceptual to virtual to actual to real.

My transmedia expressions span word-art (writing and poetry), image-art (drawing, painting, and graphic design), audio/video-art (music and motion graphics), and interactive-art (sculpture and software).  In totality, I’m creating an artistic legacy as a Transdisciplinary Transmedia Transmission.

Philosophy, Science, Art
Science & Technology
Philosophy & Psychology
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