JALAKA - Hyper-Journal Archives of Michael Gaio

Jalaka is an interactive, multi-dimensional, hyper-journal archive.

I’ve been keeping hand-written paper journals for over 30 years. There are around 3000+ pages in these journals–filled with my thoughts, memories, reflections, and overflowing with sketches, drawings, and diagrams of ideas, systems, and designs for projects I’m working on today or may be developing in the future. I’ve begun to scan these hand-written pages into digital format, and encode and organize them in an innovative, dynamic, on-line storage system for long term archival storage. I’m developing this Hyper-Journal system to include multi-dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D) modes of visual interaction of the journal content. The initial interface is being developed here at Jalaka.Space.

Only patrons will have access to this Hyper-Journal when the initial interface is ready in 2022