Metaphysics of the Metaverse

Metaphysics of the Metaverse - 2D Information Graphic A1, v1.4
Metaphysics of the Metaverse - WebVR space

Metaphysics of the Metaverse – by Michael Gaio, 2022
Transmedia, WebVR, NFTs

Metaphysics of the Metaverse is a transmedia exploration of the actual, the virtual, and the Real.

Metaphysics of the Metaverse is a transmedia communication and philosophical examination of the Metaverse. The project provides a high level orientation to the Metaverse, outlining a comprehensive understanding of its origins, trends, and fundamental elements, structures, and principles. The project also explores the philosophical significance of the Metaverse, its reflection on the nature of reality, its potential impact on society, culture, human consciousness, its potential to shape our understanding of the human condition, and the implications its has for the future of humanity.

As a technophilosophy, the project 1) asks philosophical questions about the confluence of emerging technologies such as Web3, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, and 2) uses these technologies to help answer traditional philosophical questions about the nature of reality, consciousness, and the human condition.

The project is being produced in stages, and includes: images, information graphics, maps, models, an ebook, educational videos, and an immersive virtual learning environment.

The 2D information graphics contain a QR code that links to an evolving 5D immersive and interactive information graphic space in WebXR.

Metaphysics of the Metaverse 5D infographic was accepted into the 2023 SearchLightStates of the M3taverse” call for art, is on display at the SearchLight virtual VOXELS gallery, is on display in the IllustSpace AR map at ETHDenver, and represented at CR3ATIVE X at NFT NYC.