Soul Kaleidoscope, an NFT poetry and AI image collection, by Michael Gaio, 2023

Soul Kaleidoscope
Poems from the Old Future: 1990 – 2012

by Michael Gaio, 2021
Poetry, Book, NFT

A book of 14 poems written by Michael Gaio between 1990 and 2012:

1 – Body of Aion
2 – Coal Miner’s Soothsayer
3 – Ode on an Oil Can
4 – Orchid of the Valley Silicon
5 – Time Machine: an Orchestra of Trumpeting Ears
6 – Time Machine: Inner Ear Reprise
7 – Between a Rock and a Water Place
8 – First Concerto
9 – Things that Fall from the Sky
10 – Pastaierie Mystic
11 – The Heiress
12 – Sex, Drugs, and Poetry
13 – Velvet Revolution
14 – Terbium Sonnet

Coal Miner’s Soothsayer


Soot, patience, and the dim whirling of stars
make a destiny for even you,
the sole heir

to all of histories sunken steam ships,
tomorrow’s breaking sunshine,
and from darkness, a diamond cut
to the inward shape of mystery:
so clear, brilliant, rare.

Indestructible soul kaleidoscope.

Upon the anvil, the hammering
hand of fortune casts
an oroborus of tergiversation,
binding your lucky hand
to giving all away.

One sun, and even you,
blazing upon a horizon of no facet:
so clear, brilliant, rare.
And caverns of diamonds above.

—Michael Gaio
September 29, 2003