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Transdisciplinary Transmedia Transmission

Mythic Systems -

Mythic Systems

Mythic Systems is a transdisciplinary research and development organization creating evolutionary transmedia experiences at the intersection of psychology, technology, and art.

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The Mythic Path program -

Mythic Path

The Mythic Path is an evolutionary education program designed to help you discover and align with meaningful purpose, clarify vision, and execute a strategy to actualize personal and collective legacy.

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MythOS is a community game platform for discovering, collecting, shaping, and sharing our personal stories of transformation, and co-creating a collective vision of our future.

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GAIO Productions

Gaio Productions

Gaio Productions operates at the intersection of design, technology, business, and philosophy, producing transformative technology and immersive media to inspire and actualize the human potential for transformation.

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SOLAR GLYPH 1, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Solar Glyphs

Solar Glyphs are symbols representative of the solar / sun / star archetype, the creative force, source of light and energy, self-generation, the conscious mind and heart, centrification, the universal masculine, and gold.

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LUNAR GLYPH 2, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Lunar Glyphs

Lunar Glyphs are symbols representative of the lunar / moon archetype, the passive and receptive, reflection of light and shadow, fertility, the unconscious mind and psyche, connectivity, the universal feminine, and silver.

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