Transcendental Transmedia Transmission

Michael Gaio at Mondo Nutopia

I’m telling the story of my life, my discoveries, and my insights through my art.

A near-death experience (NDE) as a child gave me a glimpse of the infinite. Now in life, I’m compelled to continue exploring the relationship of the finite with the infinite, and the space of substantial meaning-making in between.

Since youth, I’ve created across a spectrum of mediums: painting, poetry, piano, pottery, and pixels. Then I practiced digital creation as a professional internet experience designer and creative technologist for 20+ years. This path of digital dharma has greatly influenced how I consider the relationship between humans and technology, and this consideration is a predominant theme in the expression and communication of my art. I’m part of a new group of artists exploring and articulating what it means to be human during this time of extraordinary technological and cultural change. I even go further in exploring the meaning of meaning itself.

I explore these considerations through a transdisciplinary transmedia approach, combining research in gnostic philosophy, depth psychology, ancient human history, complexity science, archetypal cosmology, network technology, data science, artificial intelligence, generative design, projective geometry, data visualization, simulation, and 3D fabrication. Pioneering fringe edges in design and technology, I make archetypal artifacts, instruments of orientation, maps of meaning, multi-perspectival landscapes, and semiotic systems.

I’m particularly inspired and focused on combining topological data analysis, machine learning, and blockchain enabled smart contracts (NFTs) to realize new types of complex adaptive systems and collectively emergent expressions, making the unseen seen.

I’m reaching toward a sensible realization of something like a new pattern language: a higher order emergent super-semiotic of collective intelligence for a new human era.

I call this process a Transcendental Transmedia Transmission.

Seven Suns, an NFT artwork, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Seven Suns

“Seven Suns” is a 3D Chestahedron decorated with 7 Solar Glyph symbols representative of the solar / sun / star archetype.

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PolyArchemes Collection, 2021

Eight Moons

“Eight Moons” is an animated image representative of the 8 commonly recognized lunar phases of the 28 day lunar cycle.  This NFT is one of several in the PolyArchemes series: an exploration in representation of meaningful archetypal symbols with the dimensionality of space and time. 

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LUNAR GLYPH 2, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Lunar Glyphs

Lunar Glyphs are symbols representative of the lunar / moon archetype, the passive and receptive, reflection of light and shadow, fertility, the unconscious mind and psyche, connectivity, the universal feminine, and silver.

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SOLAR GLYPH 1, by Michael Gaio, 2021

Solar Glyphs

Solar Glyphs are symbols representative of the solar / sun / star archetype, the creative force, source of light and energy, self-generation, the conscious mind and heart, centrification, the universal masculine, and gold.

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